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SITUATION:  EcoTools is a brand of cosmetic brushes made from natural and sustainable materials, designed for women who want to look their best and feel great while making earth-friendly choices.


OBJECTIVE:  Strengthen and promote glamour and eco-conscious beauty of the brand by partnering with vegan celebrity and enviromental activist Alicia Silverstone to develop an exclusive line of cosmetic bags.

CONCEPT:  Working directly with Alicia from concept to finish, I designed bags to reflect her earth-friendly personality, interests, values and sense of glamour. The finished product had to appeal to the mass market as well as represent Alicia’s unique sense of style, and be something she could be proud to put her name on.

RESULTS: Sold in TARGET, WALGREENS and WHOLEFOODS with bags being featured in several fashion magazines. The bag line is now in its 3rd design generation.

(Scroll down to see bag designs for 2014 & 2015)