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SITUATION:  Waxing the City is a salon franchise offering better body waxing services including brow waxing and styling. WTC is dedicated to being the best at their craft with an emphasis on convenience and affordability for their customers. 


OBJECTIVE: Develop new cosmetic packaging for an exclusive, high quality brow make-up line offering colors and techniques customers can mix and match to create "Brows that Wow”.

New products will have strong branding and clear communication at retail shelf, (mass market and salon) combining both a sense of glamour with

no-nonsense ease of use.


INSIGHTS: To assure the design work is relevant and modern I analyzed trends and identified the following design insights:



Simplifying messages clearly and boldly appeal to customers overwhelmed by choice.



Minimizing elements in the package design elevates a level of quality. Black denotes luxury, and a pop of color generates excitement.


Personal Touch

Embracing custom lettering and relevant, simple, hand drawn illustration helps create a personalized feel and joy of ownership.


CONCEPTS: Building on these insights I developed a number of package design concepts that reflected the personality and values of the WTC brand while maintaining a level of glamour.


RESULTS: The launch of WTC's Eye Brow Make-up line was met with successful sales both online and in store, and has become one of their strongest sellers.